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505 Moderate

Everything you need in one place—that’s 505 Moderate! Created with our customers in mind, the 505 Moderate Event Software is designed to help users easily control every aspect of their event. Its unique and innovative approach allows our clients to view, organize, and manage everything from reports and analytics to ticket sales and social media!

505 Operate

A box office in the palm of your hand—that’s 505 Operate! Easily available to download from any app store, 505 Operate is compatible across all devices, platforms, and web browsers to ensure entrance into your event is organized, secure, and consistent. Even when internet connection fails, 505 Operate’s offline mode works to keep the software running so that you’re able to continue scanning tickets!

505 Elevate

Ensuring great experiences—that’s 505 Elevate! Easily manage users through our online customer relations platform to engage with them, learn about their experience, and view valuable data. Your guests’ experience purchasing tickets and attending your event is important—ensure they’re satisfied from start to finish with 505 Elevate!

Increased Sales

Whether at the door or online, My 505 Tickets makes selling or purchasing tickets quick and easy! We’ve refined our process and updated our software, to create a seamless online solution compatible across all devices. By allowing sellers to customize, print, and ship tickets, and minimizing time and hassle for buyers, we’ve created a more enjoyable experience for clients and customers alike—leading to more events, more tickets, and more profit!

Controlled Seating

Ensure your seating arrangement aligns with the standards and functionality of your event! With our Controlled Seating solution, you can easily manage, reserve, organize, and create seating layouts and pricing tiers specific to the type of event you’re hosting.

Customer Assistance

We take pride in offering our clients an unmatched level of support in all aspects of ticket sales! When you entrust us with your business, we make it our mission to do everything we can to help you successfully and smoothly administer tickets! From 24/7/365 customer service to information and local resources, we’re dedicated to you and all your online ticketing needs!


Beyond selling tickets, we help spread the word about your event! Together, we’ll identify a specific audience to target, then discuss a marketing plan to help your event gain maximum exposure! With access to various local air spots, email blasts, and popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, your ticket sales and marketing experts are available from one convenient source—My 505 Tickets!

Rapid Entry

Ditch the long line and wait times! Whether printed or on a mobile device, our various network and access points effectively communicate with one another to ensure each ticket is validated, no tickets are duplicated, and guests are allowed quick and easy entry! In the event that the network is down, operation can still run smoothly through an offline mode to ensure your event isn’t affected!

Organized Sales

Make changes, view updates, and communicate with your team every step of the way—all the operations normally managed by a box office can be easily controlled by you! Combining everything from ticket sales to your event data and information, we’ve developed an innovative, yet simple box office solution that allows your event to be under your control!

Season Tickets & VIP Badges

Increase sales, attendance, and profit with available season tickets and badges! For special events throughout the year or within certain seasons, My 505 Tickets provides everything you need for admission and beyond, with on-site staff training and support, professional equipment, and more!

Effortless Control

Hosting a special event with additional or specific requirements? With integrated solutions, such as controlled seating and organized sales, My 505 Tickets allows event holders to have more power when it comes to planning and managing their event! Contact My 505 Tickets today and learn all of the ways we can help your event succeed!

Unified Platforms

Organization, analytics, promotions—integrate everything you need to manage your event! From its personal website to social media, My 505 Tickets can host additional platforms, sites, and feeds to make managing your event easier for you, and accessing information easier for your guests!

Take Your Event to the Next Level


My 505 Tickets is a local ticketing platform dedicated to helping the local community – from food and music festivals to trainings, fairs, and workshops, we’re honored to be able to bring new, exciting experiences to New Mexico! We focus on local advertising and ticket sales to ensure you have a huge and successful event. With over 13,000 tickets sold, $20 million of generated revenue, and a monthly audience of 1.5 million, our expansive network will help your event thrive! Partnering with radio stations and websites throughout Albuquerque, we’re able to help you target the local community and help your organization grow! Music, entertainment, arts, culture, food & drink – no matter the type of event you’re hosting, make sure it gets the exposure it needs with My 505 Tickets!


Everything You Need to Sell Tickets

Our network can provide unique local marketing capabilities along with a ticketing platform with all the features you expect (and deserve), including:

Reserved seating
Online and mobile check-in and scanning
At-The Door sales
Unlimited ticket types and prices
An easy, intuitive interface
Personal dashboard for analytics
At no cost to you

Our robust and easy to use banking software makes ticketing easy and in your control…and costs you NOTHING

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I am glad I chose My505Tickets to manage my Cookie Class registrations and tickets. Having a local rep like Steve Civerelo help me get set up was what made the difference. He met directly with me and help me get set up with my first event. He has been there to answer all my questions and check my event posting for me to make sure I had set it up on My505Tickets the way I wanted it to look and respond. Having the air spots on the radio and Steve promoting through FB, Instagram and Twitter have been an added bonus! He even attended my cookie class and helped with scanning tickets and gave me great feedback about my class. I am so glad I chose local!

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